Over the years Mukisa Foundation have had many volunteers. We have had both local and international students and volunteers from different parts of the world, including Germany, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Swiss, Denmark, Ireland. We have a variety of voluntary work options within the centre.

We are the organization of choice for anyone who wants to work with children with special needs. We accept both qualified professionals (those with experience) and young people looking for experience, all we ask is that the volunteer loves our kids, is hard working and committed to helping us achieve our goals for children with special needs in Uganda.

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EBU (Entwicklungshilfe für Bedürftige in Uganda)

Sparkasse Münsterland Ost

BLZ 400 501 50 | Konto 34 034 256

IBAN DE70 4005 0150 0034 0342 56


Stichwort Mukisa Foundation