MUKISA Kids are telling their Stories


The word MUKISA means BLESSING. Because every child is a blessing and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. This also includes medical care and all devotion a child could possibly ever need.

My name is Nalubowa Patra  ,I was born on 1st December 2009,I have one brother and one sister.


I  have a condition called Cerebral palsy .I joined Mukisa Foundation in September 2013 for therapy  and joined the Mukisa School in January 2014.When I started I was able to seat, but not walk or feed myself. I can now walk, and have learnt a lot of things in school such as coloring, animals and writing.


I love school trips such as the one where we went to the zoo and the sports gala.



My name is Kasaga Joram, my birthday is on 25.08.2010.I have one older sister and we live in Ndeba, Kampala.


I have a condition called cerebral palsy that is why I come to Mukisa for therapy to help strengthen my muscles, so that I can be able to use my body.


I can now crawl, feed myself well and are learning how to walk without support.


I hope that I to join the Mukisa School next year.





My name is Hajara Nabulime,I am 17 years old, my birthday is on 29.04.1999.I have two brothers and one sister and we live quite close to Mukisa foundation in Lungujja.I have down syndrome


I dropped out of school when I was 8 years old because my teachers said I could not learn anything. Since then I have been staying at home and helping with house work.

I hated staying at home during the day because the other children in my neighborhood would call me bad names and make fun of me.


I was so happy when I started going to the Mukisa school because here I have learnt to take care of myself, to read and write and I am currently learning to do different crafts such as necklaces and door mats which I can be able to sell and buy myself pretty dresses.


My name is Kato Elvis, My twin brother Waswa and I was bone on the 1st of December 2009. We are called miracle babies, not just because we are twins but also because we came 17 years after our older sister, when our parents had long given up on giving birth to more children.

We were born a month early, so we stayed in the hospital for a month before we could go home. When we got home, my head started to swell but when my parents went to the hospital they were told that there was no problem, but they insisted until they were told to start measuring my head circumference to see if indeed there was a change.


When the doctor saw the proof of increase in size, we were to send to Cure hospital, a specialized hospital for hydrocephalus and Spina bifida.I had  an operation. This operation was not successful, so they did a second one in which they put a shunt to drain the excess fluid in my head which I still have up to now.


My mother was told that I have no brain and I will never be able to do anything for myself or be anything like my twin brother. But she did not give up on me .Instead, she kept taking me to anywhere where she was told until one day when she was referred to Mukisa Foundation in 2012.


When I got there, I could not seat by myself, crawl or use my hands, but now I cannot only feed myself, but started walking without help a few months ago! My best achievement so far is joining the Mukisa school where I have learnt to read and write, sing, dance, and make lots of friends.

Everyone says that when I grow up I will become a musician because I seem to learn all songs very quickly and I love the drumming and even playing with the guitar, but I am not sure if that is really what I want to be because there are so many cool things that I am yet to learn, and might even do better than Music!



My name is Joel Kiyingi, I am 5 years old. My birthday is on the 12.08.2009.I have a condition called Cerebral palsy .Because of this condition, I was unable to sit, use my hands or even speak like other children, until 2013 when I joined Mukisa Foundation. I started with the therapy program only ,until last year when I joined the school. I currently attend both therapy and school.


I have learnt to sit without support, feed my self, write, communicate my needs and crawl. I still fall over sometimes, but I am able to take my plate and cup to the kitchen after eating. In school I have learnt shapes, colors and numbers. I also enjoy the singing very much.




My name is Simon Peter Lutaaya. I was born on 24th December. I live in Kosovo, quite close to Mukisa Foundation. I am the first born in a family of five.


I have been at Mukisa since 2008, and on the home visit program since 2012, where the therapist comes to work on me from home. This is very helpful because it is very difficult and expensive to use public transport.


I use my feet for everything, including feeding, dressing and crafts. I make door mats, decorations of every kind. I have also taken all the pictures for the exhibition by myself using my feet