Under the Mukisa Foundation, we work in other places in partnership with likeminded organizations, such as, Nkokonjeru, Luwero and Fort Portal. 
This outreach started in 2009 after a series of visits to Providence Home by one of the Mukisa Foundation founders Miss Sonja Hagedorn. She realized the need for therapy services at the home for children with special needs and the elderly in the home. It was then agreed by the management of Providence Home that Mukisa would provide these services by hiring a therapist to work full time in the home. The outreach has now grown from just 16 clients, to 30 in 2012 at the home and 24 clients from the nearby communities.

This outreach is fully funded by the UGANDA CHILDREN'S TRUST/ UK.

This outreach started as a result of a disability awareness workshop on disability in 2008 given by Miss Namaganda Florence, one of the three Mukisa founder members. After this workshop, the pastor of Annointed Healing Church asked her to come and visit Luwero because there were a number of children with disabilities, who according to him were being neglected and had no help.

On the first visit there were over 50 children, many of them with Cerebral Palsy, but there were also others with medical conditions which needed emergency medical care. After realizing how great the need was, a monthly outreach was started at this church.

This outreach takes place on the last Friday of the month and offers the following services

  1. Medical and therapist services.
    These include Physio and Occupational Therapy services and giving out of anti convulsants to children who have already been diagnosed, deworming, and referral of children that need operations and emergency care to hospitals such as CORSU and Mulago and Cure hospitals.
  2. Seminars and workshops on topics chosen by the parents in the outreach, such as, oral and dental hygiene, family planning, malaria prevention, epilepsy and convulsions.
  3. Appliances.
    We have had two wheelchair workshops in this outreach, in which we have given out over 100 wheelchairs so far to children and adults with disabilities in Katikamu and neighbouring villages.
    We have also given out mosquito nets to all children who come to the outreach and now continue to give them to children with sickle cells on the first day of assessment.

Fort Portal
On 24th of January 2012, Sonja and Florence led a team of therapists and volunteers to Fort Portal for the first outreach at Good Shepard’s Special School in Mwibale, on Kamwenge-Mbarara road.

On reaching there, it was realized that most children had mental retardation due to convulsions /fits and most had never received any medication, and those who had, were not compliant. We contacted Muhinga hospital, which is the biggest referral hospital in the region, and their mental health clinic agreed to be part of the outreach. They sent over two mental health practitioners with medicine, and taught the patients the dangers of not complying with medicine, and where they can go to get their next dose.
Plans are in progress for the future of this outreach.