To support and empower families who have children with special needs.

To create strong family units, which will enable children with special needs to lead purposeful lives to their full potential

About Mukisa
Mukisa Foundation was created in 2006 by two German special needs teacher (Sonja Hagedorn and Alexandra Buecker) and a Ugandan Physiotherapist (Florence Namaganda).

We are a comprehensive support centre for families who have children with special needs. Our aim is to make sure that the families who we support get all the help they need to look after their child with special needs and handle their individual situation better.

Our centre is a renovated family house, located on Kalema Road in Lungujja, Kampala, with well equipped therapy and class rooms, educational facilities and a spacious garden where children and parents can learn, play and relax.

We entirely rely on the kind and generous donations of supporters, patrons and ‘friends of Mukisa.’