What is MUKISA?

The word MUKISA means BLESSING. Because every child is a blessing and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. This includes providing medical care and any care that it needs.


The Mukisa Foundation was founded in April 2006 and operates a Prevention and Therapy Center for Families with Children with Disabilities in Uganda. We at the MUKISA Foundation work as a comprehensive family help system. Our focus is on the care, counseling, education and training of affected families and the construction of strong family units.


The MUKISA Foundation was able to establish a donation-financed team of medical assistants, physiotherapists, ergotherapists and special needs teacher, who are free of charge to the affected families. In Uganda every 10th family is affected by a disability. According to statistics, every second child with a disability dies before the fifth year of life. Reasons for this are the often lacking knowledge and ignorance about the proper care and care of a child with disability, financial resources and shame for these children.


Many of the disabilities would be partly easy to treat or medically correct and the children could lead a relatively comfortable life without to much neclect. Also the suffering of the severe cases can be significantly mitigated with the right therapy. However, since most families are severely affected by poverty, the children do not get the help they need or are hidden and isolated.

For this reason, we are also very concerned about reconnaissance work on the ground, since in Uganda there is still the prevalence that disabilities are a deserved punishment of God.


This is where the MUKISA Foundation is set up. The aim is to provide comprehensive assistance for families with disabled children.


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